Programme du cours

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Apprendre à développer des applications avec C# 3.0 et le Framework LINQ (Language Integrated Query)

Participants / Pré-requis

Avoir une bonne expérience en développement d’applications avec C# et du Framework 2.0.


1. C# 3.0 Caractéristiques du Langage

  • Developer Productivity Features
  • Implicit typing, Object and collection initializers, Automatic?properties, Anonymous types
  • Extensibility Features, Extension methods, Partial methods
  • Functional Programming Features
  • LINQ Support Features
  • An overview of language query operators

2. LINQ Query Operators

  • Motivation for Query Operators – Declarative vs.?Imperative programming
  • Developing Query Operators – C# 2.0 Iterators, Deferred?execution
  • Categorizing Query Operators – Filtering, aggregation,?ordering, grouping, projection, and miscellaneous?operators
  • Language Integration of Query Operators

3. Applied LINQ to Objects

  • Using Query Operators with Objects
  • Customizing Query Operators
  • The Query Pattern
  • Examples of LINQ to Objects – Reflection, File System,?Strings, WCF Contracts

4. LINQ to XML

  • Introducing the XElement API
  • Functional XElement Construction
  • Querying XElement DOMs
  • Axis Methods

5. LINQ to SQL

  • LINQ to DataSet – Why DataSets are not enough
  • LINQ to SQL as an Object-Relational Mapper
  • – Mapping?using attributes, mapping using external XML mapping?files
  • Mapping inheritance relationships
  • The Data Context – Queries, updates, inserts, deletes, stored procedures and database functions, custom SQL?strings
  • database creation from schema, transactions, preloading?and tracking data, optimistic locking and concurrency?control
  • Visual Studio LINQ to SQL Designer vs. SQLMetal

6. Beyond LINQ

  • Overview of Parallel LINQ
  • Overview of ADO.NET Entity Framework and Data Services
  • Overview of Custom Query Providers
  • Performance Considerations of LINQ to Objects
  • Performance Considerations of LINQ to XML
  • Performance Considerations of LINQ to SQL
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:
  • Understand the Microsoft road-map
  • Lambda expressions, Expression trees
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